Thursday, August 24, 2006

I.MAGiC announced "Talent 644"

On 23 August, I.MAGiC announced that they will soon release "Talent 644" as a new product of EuroExpress series. The release date nor price has not been informed.

I learned of it in the mail magazine; "I.MAGiC VRM News." Click here, and you can see all of back issues. Of course they are written in Japanese.

In the same letter, they wrote about Bahnsim PRO. I translate for your convenience as follows.

Overseas edition FAQ

We received some inquiry as to our overseas edition. So I write about that.
Generally speaking, an overseas edition is made a sale by an import agent who got the exclusive marketing rights from the developer after translation by the agent. It is the same in the case of import to Japan. About the contents of the game software, generally there is no difference between original one and overseas edition.
However, theme "railway" has strong regional characteristics. So we added European rolling stock and buildings to master ROM of VRM. (They are produced as EuroExpress series in Japan.)

We can not answer about the release date nor the contents of the overseas edition because they are within the scope of business services of the import agent. Please inquire of the agent for the overseas edition.

As above, we can not talk a lot about the overseas edition. But you can find a hint in the list of our EuroExpress series. The rolling stocks in the list are built for the overseas edition. They are included in the master ROM of the overseas edition. You(readers in Japan) can get all of data for the overseas edition if you make up the complete number of our EuroExpress series.

I.MAGIC VRM News Vol.56
translated by ghost
I don't know what they mean via this statement. You can see "the list of our EuroExpress" here.


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Hi Ghost,

I have translated your above writing on my forum and made a contribution in the bhv forum linking to it. Of course I hope, you will support me :)

Kind regards and many thanks for your informations.


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