Sunday, August 06, 2006

ghost's Drehscheibe layout

My newest work; "Drehscheibe" have a turntable as the title shows.

Turntable? Where is it in the parts window of Bahnsim PRO?
The answer is "No." It should be built up with several parts, departing from their own original usage.

Look at the above picture. There is BR145 on the turntable.
The main body is "Balkenbrücke 192mm" in fact. The circular frame around it is constructed with the top of twelve "Querträger 50mm" buried into the ground. Its cab is just "Maintenance Office."

Four "ÜberfhgSchild 128-132mm B" are placed as the base floor. Their atlititude is -4mm. They should be hidden by the ground texture if we leave them as they are. Well, use "Bohrer" tool for clearing away the texture on them. It is principally a tool for treating a tunnel. In this case, I employ the same technique on level surface.

Four trains are automatically running when the viewer is launched. Key [1]-[4] are assigned for switching each of trains. The above picture shows an Inter City. Bahnsim PRO does not include IC coach (in Japan, it is already released as EuroExpress series). I use the intermediate cars of Kiha 283 in place of IC coach.

On the right side of the layout, there is a cubic interchange. You can not drive into the overpass with any train because it is just dummy course. But I'm proud that it imitates a typical railway junction in Europe very well.

Click here, and you can get the ZIP archive including the layout file. Enjoy it with your Bahnsim PRO. Even if you do not have BSP, you can enjoy the movie here.
In the movie, you see BR101 with IC coach is running. It was import from EuroExpress series. Unfortunately, you can not drive it on your desktop yet. Pray for the next package of BSP.


Anonymous Okinotorishima said...

It's nice to know everyone.
and,I haven't seen Mr.gost for a long time.
My name is Okinotorishima.I live in japan of Nagoya.
I have been ever maked turntable by VRM.but,I cannot make it as well as that one.
However,I didn't take the time to make it.
I think it is easy to make it and anothre original buildings.
It is fun to build the one and only structure.

4:03 pm  
Anonymous ghost said...


I'm sure that BSP users will be very glad when you release your VRM3 layout, okinotorishima-san. I can convert yours to the package limited layout if you hope. I will write an article for it with a great pleasure.

3:19 pm  
Anonymous Okinotorishima said...

OK,I begin to make the package limited layout.
But,I don't know how to release it.

I can't make a big layout in a short time because I give up making it when I'm tired it(^^;
In fact,I disuse a few layout before FUDUKI layout.
So I will make a small layout.
Please don't anticipation my layout.

1:04 am  
Blogger Willi said...

Hi Ghost,

a little late, but I want to thank you very much for your newest layout. It's a fine inspiration for us Bahnsim Pro users.

I have made the presentation of your layout on my website in German. There are still about 3 layouts missing, but in the meantime I have translated all your great tips. Thanks again for your great work.

And now I'm working on my first layout :)

Kind regards,


9:24 pm  
Anonymous ghost said...

> And now I'm working on my first layout :)

That is what I primarily hope!!

I will write a review and lead Japanese users to your work. I'm sure you will get several response from them via my translation.

1:54 am  

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