Wednesday, June 28, 2006


We Japanese VRM users had only domestic cars before Bahnsim PRO was released. I.MAGiC announces that they keep releasing several European trains for VRM3 & 4. They call the series "EURO EXPRESS."

Bahnsim PRO includes Germany cars; BR145, modus, and some DB freight cars, you know. Aside from this, I.MAGiC has already released three packages into Japanese market as follows.

Click these item names, and you can jump into I.MAGiC's on-line catalog with screenshots of the cars, written in Japanese. Besides, they annouces they will release the following cars.

  • DBAG ICE-V(class 410)
  • DBAG IC/EC coach(Vehrkehrsrot)
  • DBAG class 644
  • Thalys PBKA
  • SBB Re460
  • SBB IC2000

ICE-V, IC/EC coach, and class 644 seems to be completed. You can see screenshots of them. Thalys also does, as you see at the top of this entry. They says that they will release one package every month in Japanese market.

I do not know that these packages will be released in European market. There are several bullets in the magazine. I wonder whether the trigger will be depressed by bhv software, the distributor in Germany. You can encourage bhv's initiative by your posting here, can't you?


Anonymous DocOc said...


To my surprise you mentioned, that there is some german rolling stock included in BSPro! Where can I find it? I only find japanese rolling stock in the folder "Probe" on the CD?


7:44 pm  
Blogger ghost said...

Hi DocOc,

The files you found in the "Probe" folder are called "Kompositionsdateien" with .trn extension. They are just stored composition to cut out the need of picking cars up to your own one on "Zug Editor."

I mean that you can build your own composition by drag & drop. I show an example. At first click "Elektrolok," and the tag will be opened. You will see "DB BR145" and "EF65-1000." Next, click "DB-BR145," and you can see two side view pictures of it. Drag & drop one or other of two into "Zug" area. You will see BR145 placed at the top of your train. You can also store it as *.trn file by clicking "Datei speichern."

Seeing is believing. Try by yourself. You do not have to hesitate to ask me more again.


12:23 am  

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