Sunday, June 25, 2006

Mystery of the package photo

Have you already got Bahnsim PRO?
If yes, I'm sure you know the following package.

We VRM users in Japan see it a bit mysterious, especially a locomotive at the center of the package. Its name is EF66, one of the most famous DC electric locomotives in Japan. I wonder whether you have ever seen it in Europe. It was exported to Spain as RENFE 251.

By the way, see the following photo I took near my house.


This is the same type locomotive with different painting.
Compare these photos. Take notice at the center of each face. Bahnsim PRO package's one has a large circular headlight there but the other does not. In fact, it does not exist that EF66 with such a headlight. The photo of the package must be collaged.

But... why?
Is there any need to do such a thing?

I draw a deduction as follows.
See the next photo.

EF66-42, Suisei & Akatsuki

You can see a similar structure to Bahnsim PRO's one at the center of the face.
It is called "head-mark" or "train-mark." In Japan, any express and above (corresponding IR, IC, and ICE in Germany) has its own unique nickname.

In this case, the train names are "Suisei" (means "commet") and Akatsuki (means "dawn"). The reason why it has two names is that the locomotive pulls two trains with the different destinations.

But I digress.
According to I.MAGiC staff, one of Japanese VRM users took the photos and gave away to bhv software for designing the Bahnsim PRO package. The original one must have a head-mark just like Suisei & Akatsuki. I guess that a package designer did the collage for concealing the presence of head-mark.

But... why?
That is still mystery.


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