Monday, June 12, 2006


The best way to know about VRM is to see its result; virtual modellbahn layout on PC.

It is not so difficult to make the movies from VRM. While pushing [Shift] + [F10] key, VRM generates 30 screenshots per a second. Concatenate them with an appropriate tool, and you can get a movie which shows VRM performance. I call it "VRMovie" and keep releasing 3 or 4 movies per a month since July, 2003. Today, I show you some of them. Click the following links to play WMV files.

You can see much more VRM movies at my website named "VRMovies." It is written in Japanese but you do not have to worry about that. Click "Gallery" at the top page, and you can see several screenshots. The trigger to start the movie is the letter [VRMovie].

Caution: Some movies are produced from VRM4, the current version of VRM. They are much more high-quality than VRM3. Please do not confuse them.


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