Monday, June 12, 2006

What is Bahnsim PRO?

Bahnsim PRO is German version of VRM3.

VRM3; Virtual Railroad Models version 3 is a model-train simulator for Windows with DirectX. It is produced by I.MAGiC, a Japanese software developer which is famous for their pioneering work in 3D simulation games. In Germany, bhv is the distributor.

Here, "Bahnsim PRO / VRM news from Japan", I introduce several VRM topics for European Bahnsim PRO users and people who are interested in it. Most of them will be about trends of Japanese VRM users. Not a few VRM users make websites/weblogs to show his or her VRM works but they write in only Japanese. As you know, Japanese is one of the most disqualified languages for automatic translation. Well, I would like to be a bridge between Japanese and European VRM/Bahnsim PRO users with my poor English. Of course, I will also report I.MAGiC's activity.

Please call me "ghost", my handle name.
I'm just one of VRM users in Japan, not an employee of I.MAGiC. The contents here are not quite guaranteed. Do not forget that they are just a report from my point of view. But I'm sure it will be a little help for you.


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