Friday, June 16, 2006

moko's Bonsai layout

A VRM user immediately took up my appeal; why don't we release a VRM3-0 package limited layout for Bahnsim PRO users in Europe? His name is moko (his handle name). You can see several screenshots of VRM on his weblog, but written in Japanese.

He built a Bonsai layout. It looks just like pizza style. You can see some screenshots here.
Follow the procedure below if you would like to enjoy it on your PC.
  1. Click here, and you can get an LZH archive.
  2. Uncompress it, and you can see three files.
  3. "moko_Bonsai1.VRM" is VRM3 layout file. Open with your Bahnsim PRO.
  4. "Read me English.txt" is the instruction.

Please contribute a comment about it here. I will translate your massage to Japanese and tell him soon.

Would you please let me know when you release your Bahnsim PRO layout file on the Internet. I will introduce your work to Japanese VRM users. Of course, I can relay any messages to you from them.


Anonymous moko said...


1行目 my appeal のリンク先アドレス

4行目 his weblog のリンク先アドレス


5:12 pm  
Blogger ghost said...


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