Thursday, June 15, 2006

One package limited layout

There are 8 packages of VRM3 in Japan.
If you already have Bahnsim PRO, you can see the detail at "Informationen zum elektronischen Handbuch" in the HTML based online-help. Each of packages includes different kinds of parts and cars. Bahnsim PRO is comparable to VRM3 "0: I.MAGiC -Set."

When you enjoy the VRM layout file constructed by the other user, it is necessary for your PC to be installed the same packages as the constructor used. That is not to say that all of Japanese users have all packages of VRM3. Therefore, they have contrive ways to show their own VRM works on the web. "VRMovies" is one of the ways, you know?

Today I introduce you a user who tried the other way.
His name is Shioji (his screen name). He propounded "one package limited layout"; the VRM layout files constructed from the parts included in a limited package, and showed examples by leadership. You can enjoy one of them with Bahnsim PRO because it was construced from the parts included in VRM3-0.

  1. Click here, and you can jump into the page introducing his work on his web.
  2. Click the icon "VRM3 DATA", and you can get his VRM3 layout files compressed with LHA.
  3. Click the icon "movie", and you can see a VRMovie of the layout.
  • Note: You will see the dialog "Das Teil ist nicht geladen" when you open the layout file. But you do not have to mind. There is no problem on your enjoying it.

Now, I'm making an appeal to Japanese VRM3 users "why don't we construct VRM3-0 limited layout files for Bahnsim PRO users in Europe?" Here I will let you know as soon as somebody releases such a layout file.


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Anonymous mistral said...

Wow realy nice layout! I'll hope u keep this site up to date.

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