Monday, June 19, 2006

fox's VRM3 screenshot gallery

Today, I introduce one of the greatest VRM3 screenshot artisan in Japan.
His name is fox(his screen name). Click here, you can see a lot of screenshot generated from VRM3. A part of messages are written in Japanese, but maybe you have no problem with enjoying them.

Most of his screenshot are not raw from VRM3 but retouched. He is well known for his arrangement work, especially adding illuminunt effect and rendering a sense of speed. A lot of VRM users follow him and have such retouched screenshots on their website.

You should enjoy them as a kind of art. They do not show VRM3 as it is.
However I never write them off. Because their activity makes a great impact on VRM evolution. I MAGiC implemented lighting effects and head/tail/room light controling gimmicks into VRM4; the current version of VRM. I wonder whether I.MAGiC did that if they did not leave their dream and ideal in charge of their retouched screenshots.

By the way, you can see a lot of Japanese cars and structures not included in your Bahnsim PRO package while enjoying fox's screenshots gallery. I don't know whether I.MAGiC and bhv will release the add-on packages. Anyway, I.MAGiC already announced they have more additional cars and structures for Germany. Unfortunately, we are dogs begging for a treat.


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