Friday, June 23, 2006

45-50s' Hokkaido layout

Among Japanese VRM users, there are some people who write a lot about VRM tips & technique on their own web/weblog. Today I introduce the most active person.

His name is 45-50s (his screen name).
Click here, and you can jump into his weblog named "such a cool."

He released his latest work for Bahnsim PRO users in Europe. VRM3-0 package limited layout titled "The Sekisho Pass" is on Hokkaido scene.

Hokkaido is one of the islands in Japan. Speaking of Japan, you have a lot of buildings standing side by side in your eyes, I wonder. That is just a part of my country, such as Tokyo, Osaka, and so on. Hokkaido still has a lot of nature and country view.

Click here, and you can get the ZIP archive.
It includes the layout file and the instructions written in both Japanese and English. Enjoy it with your Bahnsim PRO.


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