Wednesday, July 19, 2006

EF65; JNR standard DC E-Loks

EF65 has four subcategories as follows.

  • Standard (S/N 1-135)
  • Type P (S/N 501-512, 527-531, 535-542)
  • Type F (S/N 513-526, 532-534)
  • Type PF (S/N 1001-1139)

Bahnsim PRO includes Type PF. That is the reason why it is indicated as "EF65-1000" on the Zug dialog.

EF65(standard) was born as cargo locomotive in 1964. Its performance was so valued that JNR decided to convert for passengers. That was the birth of type P in 1965. P means "passenger," as we all know. On the other hand, type F means "freight." They can do cooperative operation for high speed freight train.

Type PF is sort of an amalgamation of type P and F, as the letters are showing. But its appearance is differ substantially from the other type. Especially, only type PF has a pass-through door at the center of the face.

EF65PF, photo by moko

EF65P and EF65PF had performed as a tractor of night-limited-express, which is called "blue train" much loved among Japanese rail fun. Today, they have already lost their status to the other newer locomotives. However, they are still one of the most popular one.

EF65PF on Bahnsim PRO

You can see the video movies provided by jrkwansai at the following URL.


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