Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Oichan's VRM3 picture-card show

As you know, the current version of VRM is VRM4. A lot of VRM3 users has already migrated over to VRM4. However, there are some people still holding firm to VRM3. Today, I introduce the most ardent person among them.

His name is Oichan (his screen name). Click here, you can visit his website; written in Japanese.

Especially I push the contents which he calls "VRM3 picture-card show." It is his VRM3 screenshot gallery. All of comments also are written in Japanese. But you can enjoy hundreds of colossal pictures. At the first page, he displays overall view of his railway. Click and click "NEXT" icons, and you will take a walk into his layout. I believe that you can find many hints about building your own layout.

This is just an aside.
Sometime ago, I asked him. "Why don't you make a package limited layout for Bahnsim PRO users?" Unfortunately, he did not look ambitious. I wonder he will do it if he finds a lot of messages from Europe on his weblog. :-P


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