Sunday, July 02, 2006

ghost's tatami size layout

Rendering reach of Bahnsim PRO viewer is not unlimited, as any 3D computer graphics is. The optimum size of layout is about 1,800mm square if you hope to see the whole thing.

Among Japanese N gauge users, the most popular layout size is 1,800 x 900mm rectangle, as large as a sheet of tatami; Japanese traditional matting. VRM rendering capability was specified in conformity to that, I guess.

My latest work titled "Geiststadt" is also tatami size layout.
It has a one-track loop and a terminal station named Geiststadt Bahnhof.

The roof of the terminal is built from 42 peices of "Querträger." It is basic technique among VRM users in Japan to treat the parts in a way that one really shouldn't. In this layout, the ways to put Queträger and Ziegelbogenbrück are good examples. Have a vivid imagination, and you can see infinite possible combination.

Click here, and you can get a ZIP achive including the layout file.
Even if you do not have Bahnsim PRO, you can watch VRMovie of my Geiststadt.


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