Monday, July 17, 2006

ghost's layout "Japanische Landschaft"

Speaking of Japanese scene, you know what that brings to mind?

Fujiyama? Tokyo? That's right.

However, they are also non-daily for most of us. Today, I hope to show you an ordinary scene in Japan by my Bahnsim PRO layout titled "Japanische Landschaft." I designed it with a stereotyped suburban city in Japan as theme.

At first, look at the central station. There you can see typical style of railroad junction on main line in Japan. Most of passengers take Shinkansen to a large city on the way to their destination. Then, they switch to regional trains there. That makes you think of relationship between ICE/IC and RE/RZ in Germary, however there is a large difference.

Both ICE/IC and RE/RZ are running on standard gauge; 1,435mm. Shinkansen also runs on standard gauge. But Japanese regional trains; called "Zai-rai-sen" or the conventional lines, run on narrow gauge; 1,067mm. Therefore, most of Shinkansen stations are elevated structure because of a shortage of land. It means that many buildings had already filled along the conventional line when they began to construct Shinkansen line.

Next, look at the left side of the layout. You can also see Japanese typical landscape caused by a shortage of land.

We do not have enough plain field to let a great number of population live there in Japan. In the many case, Japanese railways are constructed along the valley. Even in trackside, they cleared forests and mountains to put up their house. It is rare that trains runs straight railways with a good view through plain fields.

Click here, and you can get a ZIP achive including the layout file.
Even if you do not have Bahnsim PRO, you can watch VRMovie of my Japanische Landschaft.


Anonymous DocOc said...


In my opinion this is the best layout for BSP so far! Even with the limited objects aviable its great! Thanks!


1:03 pm  
Anonymous ghost said...

I'm very glad to hear that. :-)

8:01 am  
Blogger Willi said...

Hello Ghost

Great layout, great informations here on your weblog. Thanks to you we have at least a few layouts for Bahnsim Pro and very helpful informations and tutorials.

In the forum of my homepage ( I have opened a thread about Bahnsim Pro (Sorry in German).

Kind regards


11:18 pm  
Anonymous ghost said...

Hi Willi,

I'm glad that my weblog seems to be a little help for you.

Domain name shows you live in Switzerland. I love Switzerland so much and often visit there. Last autumn I went to Bern, Lausanne, and Grindelwald. At that time, a part of BOB was down because of flood disaster on August, 2005. It has been revived yet? Maybe I will revisit Switzerland next summer or autumn. I would like to get on Glacier Express, but do not decided the detail yet.

Soon I will release my new BSP layout. I'm sure it will make you excited. Just wait a bit.

1:32 pm  
Blogger Willi said...

Hi Ghost

It's nice to hear that you love Switzerland. As far as I know everything is okay with BOB. You won't believe it, although I live in Switzerland since 50 years (since my birth) I never traveled with the Glacier Express. But it has hight priority on my to do list :) . But I have traveled with Bernina Express - a great experience, too! If you come to Switzerland next year, it would be very nice to meet you!

I'm looking forward to your next great layout! As soon as I find time, I will try to build an own BSP layout. But as you may have seen, at the moment I'm very busy expanding my website.

I would be very pleased to see you as a poster on my forum. I know, it's in German but your postings in English would be very appreciated.

I was thinking about opening a BSP department in German on my website with informations, screenshots, videos and so on - and asking you, if you would allow to publish your great informations and tutorials there in German, of course mentioning you as the original author and linking to your site.

But there are bad news from BHV. It doesn't look like the VRM3 extensions will be available in Europe :( . Please take a look at the BHV forum.

And with only the basic VRM3 package "0" I think, it doesn't make sense to open a German BSP site. What do you think?

Kind regards and greetings from Switzerland


2:08 am  
Anonymous ghost said...


You can make any use of my writing, pictures, and downloadable files for your website. I'm very glad that they will be more useful for German-speaking users by your translating. :-)

This weekend, I have a offline meeting with several VRM users in Japan to talk about how we mix with European users. Our main concern is the way to lead Japanese users to active communication with European people. There we will also talk about your concern; what we can do for encouraging bhv software. Later I will report about that here.

Just now I contributed a comment on bhv BBS. Please give me a little help with my understanding raziela's statement.

3:48 pm  
Blogger Willi said...

Hi Ghost

Thank you, that you allow me to use your contributions for BSP. I'm still not sure, if I will create a separate BSP page on my homepage. I will inform you here.

As for Raziela's post on the BHV forum: It's not a clear statement. I see it this way: BHV has only bought a licence for VRM3 package 0. Now they would have to buy a new licence for all the 8 packages to launch them as a completely new Product on the European market. So we just can wait how they decide.

I'm looking forward to the results of your meeting.

Kind regards,


10:47 pm  
Blogger Willi said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

7:47 am  
Blogger Willi said...

Hi Ghost,

I have decided to open a Bahnsim Pro website in German. I just started, but as you allow me to translate your informations, it will fill very soon with content. Please take a look at at "Eisenbahnsimulationen".

And again, your postings in English would be very welcom on my forum.

Kind regards,


7:50 am  
Blogger ghost said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

1:30 am  
Blogger ghost said...

That sounds very nice, Willi!!

Well, I have a favor to beg you.
Japanese VRM users have a hunger to know how European people feel our activities, especially our layout, screenshots, and movies. Please write some reviews of them in addition to the translation of my articles.
You can write in your own language. I will make the translation and introduce to my colleague. That will encourage Japanese VRM users for their next activities.

I will also lead them to access your website directly. Wait a little bit. At first I have to break ice in their mind; general Japanese people are afraid of the communication with foreign people without reason.

Best regards,

1:31 am  

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