Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Mayukichi, the regional conqueror of Kyushu

Who releases the most VRM layout on the Internet?
Everyone understands that he does.

His name is Mayukichi(his screen name). Click here, and you can jump into his website, written in Japanese.

Mayukichi has released more than 380 VRM layout files on his website since VRM2. Most of them are based on existent railways in Kyushu; the third largest island in Japan. The number of stations he introduced in his work is already more than 700!

Mayukichi Kingdom

On Hatena map, I have registered clips at the places where he builds as VRM layout. See the above picture; a map of Kyushu. Click it, and you will see larger image. You see a lot of white clips all over Kyushu. They are VRM layouts by him!! When you follow the white clips, you know where the railway track goes through.

We Japanese VRM users call Kyushu "Mayukichi Kingdom" with due respect to him. His invasion has already started on the western edge of Honshu; the largest island in Japan. I mean he never stops!!

Over to you. Who conquer Germany or Switzerland, with the force of BSP?


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