Thursday, August 17, 2006

45-50s' layout; Welcome to Japan, IC

He did again! 45-50s released his latest work, titled "Welcome to Japan, IC", for European Bahnsim PRO users.

It has a double track, and a dog bone track as the back ground. The double track; main endless loop twists and intersects with itself at the arch bridge. He hides the twist by his skillful creation of lands. That gives us an illusion of a false sense of acreage, but in fact the layout is not so large.

We are often seduced to build a huge layout. However, that sometimes falls by the wayside. Both BSP and your PC have the power with a limitation. Besides, building VRM/BSP huge layout takes much concentration. You don't have to try too hard especially if you are a beginner. You should compensate for the lack of
the power by the experience and wisdom of elders. 45-50s' work shows the point to learn; possibility to portray unlimited scenery in limited space.

Click here, and you can get the ZIP archive including the layout file.
You see BR-101 in the screenshots, but it is released only in Japanese market as EuroExpress series. BR-145 trains IC instead of BR-101 on your BSP environment.


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