Sunday, August 13, 2006

Series 251; JR East resort express

Standardization all over Japan had ever been basic policy of JNR; Japan National Railways. For example, we saw series 485 from Hokkaido in the north to Kyushu in the south. After JR started, the rolling stock specialized in each of region became mainstream. As the result, unified formal beauty had gone and individual showiness became marked.

Series 251 is one of the beginning of regional specified cars. Its stage is the line between Tokyo and Izu; popular resort well-known for spa and bathing in the sea. Each of cars is high-decker or double-decker in order to let the passengers enjoy fine coast view. The lead coach has several tiered seats above the cab. I hear that it is difficult to get the reserved ticket of them in high season.

Series 251, photo by moko

As I often say, JR limited express has each own nickname. In the case of series 251, it is "Odoriko (means a dancer)." It was named for title of the novel; "Izu no Odoriko" or "The Izu dancer," written by Yasunari Kawabata who won the Nobel Prize in literature. The name is so famous that any passengers can associate it with the destination; Izu. Before series 251 was put into the service, Odoriko had its own train mark with a illustration of the dancer as follows. It is now not in use.

Sereis 183 Odoriko mark, generated with VRM4

Bahnsim PRO includes the first model of series 251. JR East repaired and upgraded them in 2002. Now they are painted two-tone color; emerald green and ivory white.

Series 251 on Bahnsim PRO


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