Monday, August 07, 2006

I.MAGiC Limited express collector's edition 2

On 7th August, I.MAGiC announced that they would release a new VRM3 package titled "Limited express collector's edition 2" on 8th September 2006.

They have already released a VRM3 popular edition titled "Limited express collector's edition 1" which includes cars and parts of VRM3 0th-3rd packages. The new one is the subsequence of it, and it includes cars and parts of VRM3 4th-7th package. The price has not been expressed clearly. I guess it will be the same as LECE1; 13,000 yen or about 90 euro. Unfortunately European Bahnsim PRO users does not have the way to get them because I.MAGiC prohibit any export of their direct products.

Let's say you get them with non-proper way, and they will be gone to pot. Each of parts does not have its own name in German. That means you have no way to distinguish the parts on BSP layouter. How nonsense!

I feel very sorry that bhv software shows little response about this matter; when the next BSP package with much more cars and parts is available. However, an old man says "haste makes waste." I see how things go for a while.


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