Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Kotetsu's Muri-Yari Structure

I often show you the parts combination technique by my layout; for example, the turntable in my latest work. This technique has a long history. I am just one of the mimics but not the founder.

Among Japanese VRM users, this technique is called "Muri-Yari Structure." "Muri-Yari" means aggressively or forcibly in Japanese. It comes from that a user forcibly builds prepared parts up to the structure not included in any package .

Today, I introduce you the godfather of this technique. His name is Kotetsu(his screen name). Click here, and you can jump into his website. Unfortunately he has already retired from VRM user community in Japan. So his website has not been updated for a long time. But you can see several contents left behind there. Not a few VRM users are still under the strong influence of his heritage, as I am.

I lead you to some of screenshots he showed as the samples of this idea, as follows.

These samples were made with VRM version 2. However, nothing fundamental has yet changed in VRM3 or later. What I showed you via my BSP layout is just an extension of his work. Here I express my deepest respect and gratitude for the great founder; Kotetsu.

I beg a favor of you; Bahnsim PRO users in Europe. Please try to make your own Muri-Yari Structure with your Bahnsim PRO. And show us what you can build. I'm sure that you have quite different sense from us based on difference between your culture and ours. We will have a great pleasure when we see what we have never seen.


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