Monday, August 14, 2006

VRM world conquest project

What kinds of layout do you construct with VRM/BSP? One of the ways to enjoy VRM/BSP is to recapture real route and landscape.

For example, I visited Oberwesel am Rhein in Germany this spring. My self-portrait in the profile of this weblog was taken there at that time. Oberwesel scenery cast a spell upon me. So I produced a VRMovie titled "Oberwesel" soon after coming back to Japan.

Not a few Japanese users enjoy VRM in the same way as I do. The triggers are not only trips but also photos in magazines, reports on TV, etc... Well, how many VRM layouts have they made base on real scenery? You can see them on Google map!!

Click here, and you can jump into Hatena map; one of the mapping web services based on Google map API.

We started to place clips with URI to lead them to VRM movies and screenshots based on real landscape since March 2006. Now we have already multiplicity of clips there. My latest VRMovie titled "Triangle" was also clipped. Click here, you can jump to the place as the following screenshot. You will see a small icon. Click it, and it will pop out. I wonder you can not read the title there because it is described in Japanese. Anyhow, click the letters on the top. You can jump to the contents with VRMovies or screenshots.

Hatena map shows the latest twenty clips in range indicated. So you have to come close to the ground in order to seek more clips. For example, here is URL to lead you above Tokyo. Control the slide bar on the left side. You can see much more clips there as coming close.

I named this project "VRM world conquest project" because our goal is to fill the earth with our VRM layout. Of course, we have already made a start to conquer Europe. Click here, you can see several clips straggling on Europe continent.

Why don't you join us? Hatena is Japanese domestic service, so I wonder you can not register by yourself. I can clip your BSP layout on the proper place instead of you. Just tell me as soon as you make such a layout.


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