Saturday, August 26, 2006

Keimei's SF Jupiter layout

Today I introduce to you the most unique layout in the history of VRM3 user community. The author is Keimei(his screen name). He is well-known as one of experts among Japanese VRM users. Click here, you can jump into his wesite, written in Japanese.

The layout is named "Jupitar;" the largest planet in the solar system. Keimei drew a space station on a satellite of Jupitar in the far distant future with VRM3. Watch the background. You can see Great Red Spot up in the sky. I wonder it brings the movie "2001 -- A Space Odyssey" on your mind. I can say that he demonstrated unlimited potential of VRM3 with his work.

His original layout was built with many variations of the parts included in VRM3 0-6th packages. Click here, you can get a ZIP archive including the layout file which was rebuilt as a package limited one by ghost.

Keimei's original Jupiter layout


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