Wednesday, September 06, 2006

MuraP's ultimate screenshots

Today I introduce to you some screenshots recently talked-about among Japanese VRM users. All of them were brought out by MuraP (his screen name). He seems to have no website or weblog. Junichi put his works in the Internet as deputy for him.

Put simply, MuraP's layouts look much higher density than any other layouts opened to the public before. Seeing is believing. You must see with your own eyes by clicking the following URI.

He makes full use of rich parts included in all packages of VRM3. I must say that it is not so easy for you to follow his practice, because BSP includes not many parts. However, I'm sure that his work shows the maximized potential of VRM3 and makes you excited.


Blogger Willi said...

Hi Ghost,

Fantastic Screenshots! Many thanks. I wonder if MuraP doesn't have problems with the framerate?

As you already mentioned: It's hard to see such beautiful pictures and compare it with we can do with BSP :(

Kind regards,


11:43 am  

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