Sunday, September 03, 2006

I.MAGiC holds VRM layout contest 2006

I.MAGiC has held VRM layout contest every year since 2002. On 31th August, they announced starting of VRM layout contest 2006.

According to the application guidebook (written in Japanese), unfortunately only the user that lives in Japan and registered as a valid user, can take part in the contest. If you feel a strong hope for taking part in the contest, please write to me via e-mail attached your BSP layout or screenshots. I can be your agent. The closing date is 20th Octorber. The result will be opened to the public on 17th November.

For your information, I show the previous winners as follow.

Click the titile of the contest, and you can jump into the result page of each contest. You can see several screenshots there.


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