Saturday, December 23, 2006

Two new EuroExpress; additional packages

On 23th December 2006, I.MAGiC announced they would release two new EuroExpress packages; Thalys PBKA and DB Station, on next January.

As you know well, "Thalys PBKA" is one of TGV variations running between Paris, Brussels, Koln and Amsterdam. VRM Thalys includes 10 models; M1, M2(locomotive) and R1-8(coaches). The price is 2,800yen(about 18 euro/28 CHF). You can see the some screenshots here.

"DB Station" includes several structures based on typical stations of Deutshe Bahn. You can see what kinds of structure will be include in the package here because they are written in English on I.MAGiC's web content. The price is 2,000yen (about 13 euro/21 CHF).

Unfortunately, there is still no way to get them for European BSP users.


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