Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I.MAGiC announced the detail of Limited express collector's edition 3

I.MAGiC announced they would release Limited express collector's edition 3 on 24th November.

According to their announcement, Limted express collector's edition 3 will include the following rolling stock.

These cars were sold as single packages of the additional rolling stock only by web-order; their I.MAGiC Direct shop service. Limited express collector's edition 3 is sold not only by web-shopping but also at the store. The price has not been announced yet. That will be much cheaper than the total cost of these single packages.

However you do not have the official way to get it from abroad at present. Unfortunately bhv; the distributor of Bahnsim PRO seems to have already lost their motivation of the business. I strongly hope anybody else to stand as a candidate of a new distributor of VRM series in Europe and the other countries.


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