Monday, October 16, 2006

Seichi's N layout

A week ago, I received an e-mail, attached some pictures. There I found a beautiful N desktop layout, as follows!

The e-mail was from Seichi(his screen name). According to him, he had decided to construct his N layout when he had watched my desktop layout plan book. He arranged this blueprint for his own layout. I'm very pleased that he had my blueprint come to life with his excellent sense and modeling technique.

This case should be called "VRM->N" because my blueprint drawn with VRM let him construct N layout. And now, I tried "N->VRM" to show you his great work more clearly. I mean that I made a VRM layout based on his N layout, as follows.

The above screenshots are generated with VRM4; the upper version of VRM3/Bahnsim PRO. You can also watch VRMovie. After watching it, you will know a lot about his beautiful layout. That is the power of VRM; Virtual Railroad Models!


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