Friday, September 22, 2006

ghost's desktop "Canal Zone" layout

You know JR Kwansai is going forward his work; our collaborative N layout. It is better for your enjoying his building log more that you also have the same one in your BSP layout collection.

Here it is; a zip archive including a layout file for Bahnsim PRO.

The original blueprint was drawn with VRM4; the upper version of VRM3/BSP. Besides, it was based on TOMIX Fine Track rail system which is included in VRM3-1/4 and VRM4-2. About TOMIX Fine Track, see also the thread in Willi Leopold's forum; written in German and English. He is very interested in it.

BSP includes I.MAGiC's rail system. It has quite different length and curvature from TOMIX Fine Track rail system. I built this layout named "Canal Zone" for eye appeal. Therefore, a part of rails do not connect to the main loop correctly. However, it looks like the original layout; excluding one size larger than the original one.


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