Monday, September 11, 2006

ghost's desktop layout plan book

VRM/Bahnsim PRO complies with standards specification of N gauge model train. So we can make use of VRM in order to draw a blueprint of N gauge model train layout.

Since January 2004, I have introduced examples to show the VRM potential as a support tool for constructing model train layout, on my website named "VRM->N"; means from VRM to N gauge. Today I lead you to one of the section of the website. It is titled "desktop layout plan book." As it's name suggests, there are various blueprints of N gauge layout, especially its size is 600 x 900mm; generally called "desktop layout" in Japan.

Click here, and you can see the contents via automatic translation. There are more than 10 large pictures. Click one of them, and you can see the details, explanations, and blueprints.

My purpose is not only to show the VRM potential but also to recommend model train fan to be a VRM user. I know some people that began VRM through my website.

In spring 2005, I published a book titled "VRM, designing and constructing model train layout" via Kohgakusha; one of well-known computing book publishers. This book is based on my website; "VRM->N," however it got few distribution. :-P


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