Wednesday, September 20, 2006

JR Kwansai started work of our collaborative N layout

A few days ago, I introduced you my layout plan book drawn with VRM. I have already completed three N layout and some vinettes, based on blueprints from VRM. Here, you can read each of building logs via automatic translation. However, they may be cramped for you because I left a lot of Japanese slang.

By the way, I would like to show you the other case to make use of VRM for the helpful tool for constructing N layout. VRM is also very useful tool as sharing solution of N layout design. Because VRM generates the blueprint and the 3D CG rendering at the same time. We can easily share the concept and image of N layouts with the other people by making use of VRM.

Today, I introduce you a energetic person who proved that.
His name is JR Kwansai(his screen name). His weblog is here, written in Japanese.

JR Kwansai has ever completed his N layout based on the blueprint that I designed with VRM, without any direct communication with me. You can see his work here. My blueprint is here. Compare them. I'm sure you will be as surprised as I was. This case proved that VRM is really useful tool to share our know-how for constructing N layout.

Please enjoy movies of JR Kwansai's layout; real one and virtual one.

Real; recorded by JR Kwansai

Virtual; produced by ghost

And now, he started work for his new layout, based on my blueprint. He also started to write the building logs. He seems to write in both Japanese and English. I strongly recommend you to watch his work.


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