Friday, October 13, 2006

Cheer for JR Kwansai

JR Kwansai is proceeding with our collaborative N layout. Click here, and you can see his weblog written about his activity both in Japanese and English.

By the way, an unfortunate incident happened upon him. He was hit by a car two weeks ago. That got him admitted to hospital. He had not published his weblog, however he rose like a phoenix after blank of a week.

I wonder it will be source of encouragement for him if you leave a few comment in his weblog. Please cheer for JR Kwansai.


Blogger Willi said...


Unfortunately I had no success to reach the comment function on JR Kwansai's weblog with excite. So I wish him the very best for his recovery from here. And I'm looking forward to the progress of his N-scale layout. It already looks very nice.

Best regards,


3:41 pm  
Anonymous ghost said...

Some weblog service providers in Japan seem to ascribe any messages from abroad to SPAM. How nonsense! Anyway I relay tell your message to JRKwansai. Thanks.

2:20 am  

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