Sunday, October 01, 2006

ghost's Deutsche Marine layout

My latest work titled "Deutsche Marine" is a layout modelling a secret navy base in a cove. Of course, they get ready for the invasion of junichi's battle fleet.

Admiral junichi already threw an aircraft carrier out as I informed. That was a great menace for me. But now I have a counter weapon as follows.

Yes!! I have U-Boot!!
Fire a torpedo at her vulnerable belly!!!!

However, I have a serious problem; this submarine is doubtless "landscape," so it can neither move nor even be replaced with drag & drop!!!! :-P

As usual, you can get the ZIP archive including the layout file. Enjoy it with your Bahnsim PRO. Even if you do not have BSP, you can enjoy the movie here.


Anonymous DocOc said...

Wow! Unbelievable! Outstanding! A great layout!

6:10 pm  
Anonymous ghost said...


You can copy and paste the ships into your own BSP layout if they caught your heart. :-)

It seems to be interesting to place it in the river under the iron bridge after taking off machine-gun, which is assembled with LeitngsMast f.Einzelgleis and Betonpfeiler.

11:27 am  

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