Sunday, October 22, 2006

ghost's Three Layers layout

Today I show you my latest work; "Three Layers" layout. The word "Three Layers" means the ground line, the elevated line and the underground line.

As launching BSP viewer, your view point is at the cab of a commuter train leaving a large station which has two platforms and five lines. You will mistake the station altitude for 0mm.

However it is placed 60mm higher than the level ground in fact. After running for a while, you will know what I mean. Your train will go down a slope and reach to an underground station.

The elevated line is monorail. The rail tracks for it, are hidden by a lot of Querträger plced along the route.

Click here, and you can get the ZIP archive including the layout file. Enjoy it with your Bahnsim PRO. Even if you do not have BSP, you can enjoy the movie here.


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