Thursday, October 19, 2006

Flying fish!?

You watched a VRMovie based on Seichi's N layout on the latest article here. I wonder you had doubts about a strange object shown fleetingly in the movie. The object is as follows.

What is that fish flying in the sky?

It is called "Koinobori" in Japanese. I found an English dictionary call it "carp-shaped streamer."

Koinobori comes from a folk story of the ancient China. According to the story, there was a waterfall named "Ryu-Mon" or the dragon's gate. A lot of carp tried to climb over the waterwall. Most of them failed. Only a carp that did it, could became a dragon.

Based on that story, Japanese people set Koinobori up in their garden. Koinobori climbing over the waterfall and becoming the dragon, is symbolic of their children's success of life. In May, you can see a lot of Koinobori everywhere in Japan.

By the way, why was Koinobori implemented into VRM4?
I guess that is just a joke by the developer of VRM.

Koinobori in my VRMovie was also a joke. There was no Koinobori on Seichi's original layout. However, he said to me "That's good!! I pick it up!!" after watching the movie. In a few days, we may see Koinobori standing on his layout. :-P


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