Sunday, November 26, 2006

EF200; my favorite locomotive

Today I would like to introduce to you the Japanese locomotive I love the best. Its type name is EF200, JR Freight's DC locomotive.

We can see the letter "INVERTER HICH-TEC LOCO" on the side face of EF200. That means EF200 is the first electric locomotive with AVAF controlled induction motor in Japan. It was just revolutionary high-tech improvement.

Its declared power runs up 6,000kW, to be the top by world narrow gauge. However, there is no substation facilities to supply enough electric power for EF200 to bring out his maximum power in Japan. After its roll out, the plan of build-up substations was retracted because of economical reasons. That also brought its quantity production to a halt.

Consequently I should say EF200 is star-crossed. However I can still enjoy to see EF200 taking an active part, with its European appearance keeping distance from Japanese traditional locomotive such as EF65.

VRM3 features EF200 as a single package. It is also included in Limited express collector's edition 3.


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