Friday, November 17, 2006

The result of layout contest 2006

On 17th November, I.MAGiC announced the result of VRM layout contest 2006 on their official website as follows.

  • Winner;
    "Modern local landscape" by Sakurahayabusa
  • Second places;
    "JNR Ina line" by Okinotorishima
    "Summer day dream" by Keimei
    "Construction of elevated line" by Mura-P

Today I would like to introduce to you the winners' work; "Modern local landscape" by Sakurahayabusa (his screen name).

Click the above thumbnails, and you can see the large pictures.

As the author gave the name to his work, his layout just shows you "Modern local landscape" in Japan. I give my guarantee that you can see the quite similar landscape if you visit some local cities in Japan. "Modern local landscape" and the author; Sakurahayabusa, is really eligible for the prizewinner of VRM layout contest 2006!!


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