Saturday, November 11, 2006

Twilight Express; my favorite train

Today I would like to introduce to you the Japanese train I love the best. Its name is "Twilight Express;" the night train between Osaka and Sapporo. It takes more than 21 hours to reach the destination. It is the longest drive among Japanese trains.

- Twilight Epxress -

Twilight Express is not the way to travel but the purpose. Between Osaka and Sapporo, it takes only 2 hours by plane. It's much faster and cheaper to make use of the aircraft. However some people allow themselves to get on Twilight Express. Because they find out irreplaceable value and experience from the travel of Twilight Express. They appropriate the exclusive locomotive and coach painted dark green for Twilight Express. Not only the appearance but also the interior and services are special.

The inner wall is chic woodgrain. Soon after riding on the train, a cabin boy delivers a welcome-drink to our room.

- ghost in Twilight Express -

A deluxe salon car and a restaurant car are included in the train. In the restaurant, we can enjoy french full dinner.

- Salon car -

- Restaurant car -

Twilight Express runs through the Seikan Tunnel, which is the undersea tunnel between Honshu and Hokkaido island. While running through the tunnel, we can enjoy talk-show about the Seikan tunnel by the conductor.

- Talk-show by the conductor-

I have ever taken a ride of Twilight Express twice with my wife. Each time we really had a great pleasure and satisfaction of the rail trip.

Twilight Express is very popular among Japanese railfan. Of course, VRM features Twilight Express.

- Twilight Epxress on VRM3 -

- Twilight Epxress on VRM4 -

Twilight Express sometimes runs as the chartered train for the party of tourists. On 10th November, I took a picture of it. The locomotive is different from the usual running. It is EF65-1000(PF), included in Bahnsim PRO package.

- Twilight Epxress with EF65PF -


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