Monday, December 18, 2006

I.MAGiC VRM News Vol.70

At I.MAGiC VRM news vol.70, I.MAGiC announced that they would release European structures and TGV Thalys as EuroExpress series in the near future. The translation of the sentence is as follows.

The plans of additional packages

We intend to release some additional VRM4 packages as soon as VRM4 5th package is released. We plan EF81-95 colored "rainbow", EF81-81 for "Hokutosei", Oshi-24 restaurant car with gold belts, and new TOMIX parts. Besides, at the same time, we will release long-awaited European structures(it is included in the international version 1st. package) and Thalys(it is included in the international version 7th package).

from I.MAGiC VRM news vol.70
* uderlines are added by me for your understanding.

Now, we get suspicious.

What does the words; the international version, mean, for I.MAGiC?

Bahnsim PRO? No! We already know bhv has no intention for releasing additional packages.

Well, what does it mean? We don't know what name is it, who sells it nor where we can get it. However, I.MAGiC says they already set their Thalys in the 7th(!?) package.

I will report the detail when something new becomes clear. If you know even a little anything about it, please leave your comment below.


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