Friday, January 12, 2007

Junichi's greatest VRMovie

Junichi did again!! On 11th January, Junichi released his latest VRMovie titled "Usui pass."

from Junichi's web

Usui pass is one of the most famous historical railroad places in Japan. There was known as the most steep section among Japanese adhesion railways. Its grade rate was up to 66.7 per mill. JNR; Japan National Railway, threw a special electric locomotive there to get over Usui pass. Its type-name was EF63. It is included in VRM4 3rd. package. See also Caldia's picture book.

Anyway, Junichi's movie shows us EF63's activity of those days. Usui pass line was discontinued in 1997 because a new Shinkansen was opened through the same area by some long tunnels on the cutting edge. However, a lot of Japanese rail-fan still never forgot Usui pass line. Junichi gave shape to such nostalgia by his latest VRMovie. It attracts not only Japanese VRM users but also the other ordinary people.

Click here, and you can watch it. Enjoy his greatest VRMovie.


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